The district Tharparkar is one of the 29 districts of the province of Sindh. The name Tharparkar was derived from the words Thar and Parkar. The word Thar is an evolved form of word “Thal”, which meant the general region of sand ridges, whereas the word “Parkar” meant to cross over, hence it was earlier called as Thar and Parkar. District Tharparkar was the part of Mirpurkhas Division, but in the year 1990, Tharparkar was officially declared as a separate district in Sindh. There are seven talukas in district Tharparkar namely 1-Mithi (headquarter), 2-Diplo, 3-Islamkot 4-Chachro, 5-Nangarparkar, 6-Dahili and 7-Kaloi. The population of district Tharparkar is around 1.42 millions. The population of the district comprises of 54.7 % of male and 45.3 % of female population. The main religion of the district is Islam, with approximately 59.53% Muslims while 40.47% of the population is practicing other religions including Hinduism and others. The primary language of this district is Sindhi, whereas other languages spoken in this district are Dhatki, Saraiki, Balochi, Urdu, Punjabi and Pushto.